What is NewsWatch TV?

In March 1990, NewsWatch TV emerged as a resource for breaking consumer, technology, travel, health and entertainment news. The trusted program currently airs weekly on the ION Network, also boasting bi-monthly episodes on the AMC Network and the NewsWatch Discovery Channel. Andrew Tropeano hosts the show, sharing various subjects alongside additional correspondents. The talented team covers finance, legal issues, public policy issues, automotives, new product introductions, celebrity news and more for their reach of 96 million households each week. It’s currently estimated that more than 700 million people have viewed the series, which recently celebrated its 1,000th original episode.

NewsWatch TV reaching millions

From entertainment segments to breaking news on a variety of topics, NewsWatch TV has grown to one of the top trusted resources for information. The series began in March 1990 and today, features reports including travel, health, consumer and technology in addition to other news pieces. Hosted by Andrew Tropeano, the show regularly airs weekly on the ION Network with a monthly tech specials on Discovery Channel as well.

Recently celebrating its 1,000th episode following 26 years of news programming, NewsWatch TV touts its massive nationwide viewing across nearly every market in the U.S. More than 700 million people have viewed the series since its inception with a reported 96 million households reached by each original episode. And across the program’s 1,000+ episodes, more than 10,000 individual news stories have been created to share details on medical breakthroughs, finance, public policy issues, travel, automotives, celebrities, legal issues, charities and much more. NewsWatch TV, with its wide-ranging subject material for all types of viewers and broadcasters with decades of journalism experience, has grown to become one of the most successful independently produced news magazines on television.

NewsWatch TV on Discovery: TV Worth Watching

NewsWatch TV is one of the finest and most talked-about weekly national television news programs anywhere. Playing every Friday morning on the Discovery Channel, its unique news and entertainment magazine-style format features such elements as breaking government and medical news, consumer electronics and mobile app reviews and a number of public service announcements designed to inform everyone about things they need to know.

Since the program began in 1990 as a monthly program that was focused primarily on business news, NewsWatch TV has grown into a powerhouse, and the NewsWatch Distribution Network has given the program the widest possible exposure. In addition to airing on Discovery, NewsWatch TV is also presented on ION Television, as well as on broadcast stations in 200 markets overall, reaching more than 98 million households.

Almost everywhere, NewsWatch TV reviews are excellent, with many of them praising the program’s ability to cover a variety of topics in an informative and educational way and their ability to get interesting celebrities on the programs as guests. One interesting aspect of NewsWatch TV is that the program also features a few paid segments, which can allow companies greater exposure for their products and their brand, which can greatly enhance their marketing. That does not mean the NewsWatch TV allows its program to be turned into an infomercial; every such piece must be approved by NewsWatch TV standards and practices team.

All of these factors have combined to turn NewsWatch TV, which is hosted by Andrew Tropeano, into a trusted source for news, information and technology reviews, and a whole lot more. Tune in every Friday to the Discovery Channel for NewsWatch TV. You’ll be happy you did.